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And Now For Something Completely Different
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Firstly, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. I am *positive* I have failed to thank someone individually because... I'm trying to mangle a KKBB quote here and I can't quite make it work, so basically: I suck at things, but I appreciate it greatly and am grateful. Yes ::squishes you all::

Secondly, wish me luck for my mouth surgery on Friday? Or at least vaguely hope that I don't end up in a coma due to the general anaesthetic like my mum nearly did when she had me. That would be nice :3

Thirdly, if anyone knows why publishers/editors/general people in the publishing industry have so much trouble sending out updates when a publishing date gets moved or they need something from you, I would love to know the answer to this mystery. It's not even just me! I have a writer-friend who this week was shocked to discover that an anthology she's in was out already. I've had one I'm in that was scheduled for summer 2012 moved to spring 2013 and only know because I visited the editor's website.

Fourthly, I hope you're all alive and well and happy. Are you? Tell me! (Also tell me if you're not one of the above. Especially if you're not alive).

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*rushes in to be first with an I'm-not-alive-ha-ha undead joke*

Have I ever mentioned how much zombies freak me the fuck out? (it's an Uncanny Valley thing. Dolls and mannequins also freak me out).

Oops, sorry! If you have, I've totally erased that knowledge from my brain. Apologies!

Interestingly, while I ♥ zombies, I am totally with you the dolls and mannequins thing. I always have a moment of unreality/pre-panic attack when I walk into a particular store here in the US (Old Navy), because they always have a phalanx of creepy-ass mannequins posed right inside the door.

Also, I need to tell the story of the cow that haunted my work the other day! They had Z, who works in the market kitchen, dress up in this cow costume and hand out tubes of yogurt to promote this one dairy brand. And it freaked me out, and I made the mistake of telling my co-workers, who then told the cow, who then started coming up to my register to harrass me when I was ringing up customers.

It was funny, yes, but also: GAH! They are likely that I am much better at managing my anxiety than I was a few years ago!

Oh, it's not that kind of freakout. It's just that they're really the only kind of monster I'm actually *scared* of. Werewolves/vampires/fairies/kraken/etc. are all fun, cool things. Zombies? I'll just be behind the sofa. No worries <3 (Obviously I was opening myself up for zombie jokes, which I don't mind at all, and I'm playing Plants vs. Zombies right now, so I'm fine).

Dolls are the biggest one because a lot of mannequins don't really look like people. The ones that do, though? CREEPY. Also, wax works. Madame Tussauds is very cool, but oh god is it freaky D:

Funny for everyone who wasn't you, anyway! I mean, I get why people would laugh because it's a weird fear, but that had to suck. I won't lie and say that I don't find the mental image a little funny but ::hugs:: because it's still not a lot of fun when you're busy freaking out (and even worse: knowing it won't hurt you and *still* freaking out, because that is awful and I do it all the time.)

It was mostly that it startled me when I first came in: not expecting someone in a giant cow costume to be there! After that, the discomfort came mostly from the mild embarrassment of being targeted for my silly fear. The worst of it was that my face got very red and I was so distracted I forgot to give a lady her receipt, which on the scale of Terrible Moments, rates about a 1.5. :P (And Z and Jared, who sicced her on me, both apologized, which was nice!)

Hmmm, last I looked I'm still alive. I think that's a good thing. At least today it is. Tomorrow my opinion may be different.

Delighted that you had a good birthday and sending positive strokes and wishes to you for your mouth surgery. Things like that terrify me, although anesthetic (general, not local) is a legal high and, like the good hippie I am, I look at it as a legal indulgence. Trippy, no? LOL.

Publishers are like anyone else - capricious. Since I am hoping to get a piece accepted for an anthology that was accepting pieces until Oct 1st (last I looked), I'm praying that they haven't (1) closed submissions and (2) are still on that schedule since I'm still pounding out the story. *le sigh*

Alive - yes. Well - so far, so good. Happy - sometimes, when the words turn out right. So wny do I suddenly have this great longing for brains?????

- Erulisse (one L)

Still being alive is definitely a good plan! I'm sure it'll be the same tomorrow.

I feel like I should be more terrified than I am. I know it's a fairly simple thing so I wonder if maybe it's just that for once in my life, being over-informed is actually a good, anxiety-reducing thing? I may feel differently 12 hours from now.

If it helps at all, I find it's more likely for anthologies to be extended than close early? I hope you get accepted, in any case! You can do it!

XD - well, alive, well, and mostly happy sounds good to me!

I'm crossing my fingers for your surgery and for my story. Hmmm...that's making it very challenging to type, so perhaps I'll have to cross my toes instead....

- Erulisse (one L)

Ohhh, best of luck! Anaesthetic can be bad, but healing afterwards is often painful. Take care, dear! HUUUUGS!!

Am mostly fine. :-)

I can't imagine the healing actually being worse than the pain I'm already in (this may change post-surgery, of course, and I should really not have jinxed myself by saying that). ::hugs back::

Good to hear! I suck at replying to posts at the moment but I've been following your trials and tribulations and hope everything gets sorted. ::hugs to you::

Good luck on Friday. No comas allowed.

No comas allowed sounds like an excellent plan (I'm sure I'll be fine, really, because I mostly have the constitution of an Ox). Thank you :)

I'm probably too late, but lots of good luck for your surgery. General anaesthesia is scary, but at least they are always developing new drugs and it's likely you won't be given the same cocktail as your mother was (if that was the problem.)

I'm alive in the real world, but I am temporarily dead on LJ. I will catch up with everything, I really will... *off back to work*

Still got 12 hours to go, actually! And thank you. I'm sure I'll be fine (I am, in fact, more worried that I'll wake up halfway through), and I'm pretty sure mum's problem is that she can't take a Panadol without falling asleep, whereas I am up to taking 4 in order to get any effect.

I know exactly that feeling. I hope things level out for you so you can have a break!

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