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Oh, and I forgot to mention...
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This is Tony (so named for a little white patch on his chest that just looks like an arc reactor, okay?). He is a tiiiiiny kitty cat.

Do not let his innocent sleeping face fool you. He is a devil ninja cat. But I love him all the same. ::squishes him::

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Love your ninja kitteh!!

I love him as well. He is seriously stealthy, though. I'v tripped over him more than once!

He's a beauty! Even Sauron would have looked innocent when sleeping sometimes....just sayin' - LOL.

- Erulisse (one L)

Sauron would have *perfectly* innocent next to Tony, all the time. Seriously. Tony is Evil.

He is absolutely adorable! *snuggles the kitty*

He is very cute! But also deadly. (Is that your kitty? :D)

He's adorable! I think the more devilish they are awake, the cuter and more innocent they look when sleeping. :)

Definitely. He's asleep next to me right now and he looks like the sweetest, most innocent little kitty. Meanwhile I am still bleeding from a scratch he gave me earlier.

So cute! He looks a lot like my Alfie - he's Kali the Destroyer masquerading as an innocent black kitten.

That sounds about right! I'll bet Alfie is adorable in his sleep, too. Tricksy kitties!

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He is cuddly, really. He sits right up on your chest, under your chin if you'll let him. But he is also evil.

Aww, KITTY! I can hear him purring from here.

I wouldn't be surprised if you could! He has a very loud purr.

Don't let him fool you! He'll bite your thumb off while you're cooing over how cute he is.

He was. We lost him to a car last July, but I can't bear to change the picture.

Oh :'( - poor thing, it's so sad when pets go ::hugs::

*hugs back* We miss him every day.

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