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I am not dead yet [I can dance and I can sing!] ... [not really]
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I mean, I guess I kind of *can* dance and my pitch and tone aren't so bad but I haven't got a great voice, exactly. But, anyway, Stuff That Has Happened, in brief:

SO THIS HAPPENED. Those are actual print books, you guys! With my name on them and my words inside them! I got them about two weeks ago and I've been staring at them ever since. IT IS SO EXCITING :D :D :D (For anyone who cares, Pants Off Reviews will have a competition up tomorrow to win a copy! Can't win if you're not in etc. [plus I should totally send traffic there because DarienMoya is an awesome lady and a lot of fun and said nice things about ASoE :D)

I have developed an agoraphobia coping mechanism which involves the collecting of cool t-shirts. So far it's working really well, and as a side effect: cool t-shirts! I am sharing this because I'm sure my family thinks I'm even more nuts than usual.

My jaw is fucking killing me. BUT, the new it-might-be-a-magnesium-deficiency theory has promise, so I am Optimistic that it will go away ::crosses fingers::

I am seriously sick of 'fondue' as a euphemism for sex. I get it, it was a line in Captain America: The First Avenger, it was kind of cute, but mostly I nearly died of second-hand embarrassment over it in the film and I just want it to go away /fandom grumpiness.

On that note, my kink bingo is turning into 'Steve Rogers fucks everyone' and I am kind of okay with that. Fanfic is a nice break from profic right now, too, and I kind of need a mental health break at the moment.

Also, I bought waaaay too many games in the Steam sale but fuck it I'm enjoying them and I bought myself a laptop capable of running any modern game for a reason, so fuck it. Did anyone else pick stuff up? Can I friend you on Steam? CAN WE PLAY TF2 together, guys?

ANYWAY, I intend to be Back from here on out but you know what they say about good intentions. So you may yet be spared from me for a while longer ;)

So, most important question: How is everyone?

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PRETTY PRINT BOOK. I've still got the PDF ARC you have me to review and haven't yet because I'm not good at reading off the screen for large amounts of time (I need new glasses).

Hey, no rush of any sort! Read it if/when you want :) (I have found, FWIW, that reading on a tablet vastly increases my screen-reading time, even without glasses, but obviously your eyes will be different to mine. Just putting it out there as a thought!)

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