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I am a *whirlwind* of productivity
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Okay, so, since I like giving things away: I am giving away ARC copies of Winding Road to anyone who signs up for one before Sunday-ish. Hint: when you fill in the form, the only thing that's actually important is a working email address because I cannot magic books to people. As much as it would be cool if I could.

For anyone scratching their head, here's the blurb on the form (I recognise that I need to come up with a better blurb, but that will have to wait until I have the necessary brainpower):

"Winding Road" is a contemporary queer romance and coming of age story centring around Ash, a guitarist and singer/songwriter for his own band - a band that are just looking down the road at a successful career - and a huge crush on Indigo, another musician who plays the violin as flawlessly as he plays with gender boundaries and writes lyrics that speak to Ash so deeply that he feels they must be soulmates. When they do finally meet, things aren't quite what they seem, but through a journey that will change his life forever, Ash finally figures out the mysterious man behind the makeup, and everything starts looking up.

So, if that appeals, sign up for a free copy post-haste.

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It does appeal and I have signed up for a copy. Looking forward to reading it.

:D - I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Awesome and so pleasant that it is an e-copy. I signed up, of course. The description sounds right up my current reading alley.

- Erulisse (one L)

I'm a big believer in ebooks. Environmentally friendly and very portable. Hope it doesn't disappoint you!

I've signed up too!!!!

SO excited!

:D - I hope you'll be just as excited once you're finished with it ;)

I've signed up as well! So excited to read. XD

I hope it'll be worth the excitement, then!

Oh darn, missed it! It sounds great though (also I love the name Indigo!).

PM me your email and I'll add you to the list :)

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