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Rainbow Awards
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I completely and totally meant to bother everyone with strange and exciting facts about history (Friday, promise - hold me to it!), but, round 7 of the rainbow book awards is on! (... I missed rounds 1-6 because I am ill-informed).

I mention this because the cover of The Sartorialist is up this month. For those who have not seen it:

Anne Cain is an amazing artist and deserves all the awards for this cover, in my humble opinion. There were a couple of others that got my vote as well, and really, if for nothing else than the sheer joy of some of these covers (and the hilarity of others), you should go check them out and vote.

Speaking of: of all the books you own, which covers are your favourites?

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OMG, AWESOME! *falls over self to go vote for your amazing cover*

I was just talking with one of my co-workers today about how we love a particular printing of Vonnegut's oeuvre, because they're all just different colors with a big 'V' on them. Like so:

Honest to God, I can barely remember what's on the covers of my favorite books. (And many of my favorite books are coverless, as I have a habit of removing and subsequently losing dust jackets.)


I love those covers! I would personally have had them even less busy, but the concept appeals to my love of art deco. And Kurt Vonnegut.

What are dust jackets even for? I mean, presumably to protect the cover from dust, but why? Is dust especially hazardous to book covers? (This is a thing that has bothered me since I was very little and couldn't get them to stay on with my tiny hands and was generally frustrated by them. Still am, mind).

(I'm looking at the voting post now, and the cover for The Snow Vampire makes it look like an eerie, but touching, tribute to The Snowman:

(Yes, I just used closed parentheses around an image. Shut up! :P)

Yes, the covers could have been even more minimalist, but I love the colors, and the idea that they all match! (Also, I know I own Slaughterhouse Five and Breakfast of Champions, but cannot for the life of me remember what color they are...)

Art deco rules.

Dust jackets are for irritating the shit out of me, apparently. Seriously, if I own a book that's still got its dust jacket, it's a pretty safe bet that's a book I haven't read.

I mean, I suppose dust is bad for books, but then the only parts that tend to get really dusty are the tops of the pages, and the jacket does not cover that part.

I want to know what a snow vampire is. Are they even more pale than usual? Or just those Siberian vampires from 30 Days of Night? These are important questions that demand answers!

Dust jackets irritate me too, but I feel obliged to keep them on the books. I have no idea why this is, I just do /strange

I need to see 30 Days of Night. I also desperately need for snow vampires to be a Thing. (Are they a Thing? I am always so out-of-the-loop...)

I want to be someone who takes really, really good care of her books, but aside from loving them a lot...I don't. I mean! I don't dog-ear the pages or leave them out in the rain or anything. (Ok, once I was maddening! I had to dry pages as I was reading them. It was a really good book!)

That is gorgeous. I love the way it focuses on his mouth.

:D - I love that cover, I must admit. Especially as it's based on James Purefoy's portrayal of Beau Brummel (the image, not the book itself) and he does have pretty fabulous lips.

Back again, with more observations:

Once again, where are all the lady queers? I counted, like, 3. /rhetorical question is rhetorical


Hometown pride!

We are not even going to talk about the dolphin people. /anthropomorphia squick

This goes without comment:

I need to read this:

And other comments, but I am getting tedious! We'll save the rest for our next meeting in chat. ;)

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You know, you laugh, but Frat Boy and Toppy is meant to be a brilliant comedy. I have a copy but am yet to read it.

I feel like 'Gay Pride and Prejudice' would have all the artistic integrity of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies', and half the entertainment value :/ - that said, I kind of want to read it myself, because I'm not sure I can think of a period in time at which two people who identify as and were raised as male could quite fit in to those character roles. I would like to see if it's just pasted on cocks, or there's actually some fitting in involved.

that said, I kind of want to read it myself, because I'm not sure I can think of a period in time at which two people who identify as and were raised as male could quite fit in to those character roles.

Oh wait, all the characters are replaced with men? Boo. I had pictured a lesbian Lizzie. (I haven't read P&P&Z, but I gave Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters a try, and couldn't get through it.)

Let me know how Frat Boy and Toppy turns out! I could use a good laugh.

I don't know what's going on with *all* the characters, but I assume gay means two penises are involved. There's another version with a much uglier cover that seems to involve surfers.


And I was so excited when I saw the first cover!

Also: does gay always mean dudes? I mean: I know that's the most likely conclusion. But sometimes girls can be gay, right? /out of the loop. Again.

I think gay tends to mean dudes in romance? I like gay as a gender-neutral term, personally, because I think lesbian is a really ugly word (I mean literally an ugly word, not because of past/present meaning or anything), but I guess it helps to be super-clear in written communication?

I have decided that everything is queer, now. It saves time and fuck people being confused, I'm not their babysitter.

You're likely (definitely) right about romance: gay means dudes. But I, too, like it as a gender-neutral term, and tend to think of it that way, unless it's referring to a specific person/people. Which is why I read "Gay Pride & Prejudice" and didn't immediately think "Pride & Prejudice with dudes".

I'm trying to picture how that story would work with dudes, because as you said: it's hard to imagine men fitting into those roles.

Queer is such an awesome and useful word, and yeah: screw the fact that no two people can agree on what it means! I know what I mean when I use it, and: yeah. It saves time and fuck people being confused, I'm not their babysitter. This! :P

maybe it was a retoric question, but I'd like to answer:

all these are Lesbian covers:

1204 - After My Own Heart
1223 - But She is My Student
1227 - Catriona's Curse
1235 - Confronting Postmaternal Thinking
1243 - Demons are Forever (Sheri)
1253 - Episodes from a History of Undoing
1254 - Everywhere & Nowhere
1269 - Fragmentary Blue
1274 - Gunfighter & The Gear-Head
1275 - Haevyn
1276 - Harder She Comes
1282 - Her Beguiling Bride (April Martinez)
1283 - Here Come the Brides!
1284 - Hidden Hearts
1288 - How to Wrangle a Woman
1291 - Indiscretions
1298 - Justice Without Consent
1302 - Ladies And…
1306 - Leaving Now
1315 - Meagan's Heart
1322 - Night Hunt (Sheri)
1323 - Nightshade
1337 - Pennance
1347 - Runaway (Sheri)
1355 - Silence
1377 - Tighter, Tighter
1388 - Tyger, Tyger, Burning Bright (Sheri)
1391 - Vanilla's Ladies
1394 - Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
1396 - Women of the Dark Streets (Sheri)
1397 - Women's Identities

I didn't count the LGBT covers (that it means they are of all 4 letters of the rainbow).

In a way I think the lesbian covers are more classy, since most of the time they prefer to show a scene more than a naked torso.

And I agree with most of your comment on the covers you picked.

Consider this was only 1 month of the contest (March), we started with September and will finish with August, 200 covers each month.

Thank you for swinging by to point them out! And, y'know, for running the awards. Cover artists are woefully under recognised and they really deserve it. So, thanks, while I've got you here <3

you are welcome, it's one of the most pleasurable side of this contest

That is a good number of lesbian covers! Of course, I made my comment when I was only about 1/3 of the way through: I did notice many more as I kept scrolling.

Also, I didn't mean the observation as a criticism: the contest you're running is fantastic! No, it was just taking note. Having grown up in fandom, I've always marvelled at the popularity of "slash", and now as a writer of f/f romance, I marvel at the popularity of m/m romance over my genre. (Biased? Me? Never!)

Of course, people like what they like, and I am happy to celebrate fiction representing all the GLBTQ flavors. (I will, however, continue to complain that more people should be into what I'm into, dammit! Though perhaps QO would prefer I do it elsewhere... ;)

Though perhaps QO would prefer I do it elsewhere... ;)

Pfft. If I haven't cultivated an environment of rampant hedonism, then I am doing something horribly wrong.

But, y'know, you can always do (a variation of) what my dad keeps telling me to do: just find/replace one of the names to a male one and change the pronouns/equipment around. Then you'll be rich.

The strange thing is that, when i'm browsing for books on amazon, there are a good numers of lesbian books, but then less Than one third, one fourth of the total submissions are lesbian. I wrote to many publishers of lesbian fiction but only bold strokes books replied. If you know some group where you can share the news of the awards we would love to have more LBT titles, the jury is kicking for more books.

I will ponder on the issue, but I'm sure you're much better connected in these things than I am! I'll do what I can to spread the word, though.

EEEEEEEEEEEEHHH LOVE IT! Well, I'm such a romantic so I can't help flailing! Voted for it! As you say: Anne Cain does the best ones! :-D

Oh boy, book covers... There are so many! I was reminded of one some time ago that awoke memories. It's here and the name in English is 'My treasury'. Love them. This cover scared me to death as a kid. ;-)

Edited at 2012-05-24 09:39 am (UTC)

Anne Cain really is an amazing cover artist. And really lovely to work with, as well!

... that is truly a terrifying cover. Is the book similarly terrifying or is the cover unfortunate?

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